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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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safety and security is, there are mental health issues that have to be resolved. what are the two things the democrats say, they just wanted rollback a second amendment right. what a miscalculation. >> not at all. i don't think this fight is over. the nra has never had trouble raising money. they lost last year, 18 out of 26 the day that. would they rather be with? i would rather be with bloomberg. he knows how to win races. every vote on gun violence -- they're going to have to own that record and find out that they voted wrong. >> no disrespect to my college, but he can win when he spends billions of dollars in new york city or in the inner-city. i don't think that he is going to win this across theecountry.
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>> equally as important, americans decided they didn't want these idiotic principles. they spoke up and said no. at the end of the day, americans today feel that they have a right to have guns due to a second amendment. >> they believe in background checks and less assault weapons, and that is where commerce is making a mistake. lou: actually, you think it's a mistake here. >> the veterans administration said that they would not comply. so mental health issues are a hot button issue. lou: the veterans affairs, they
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have a way of dealing with that. they don't require new legislation. they are very responsible in it and my full and making it in any state. and that is who we are going to be. lou: thank you all, good night from new york. neil: welcome, i am neil cavuto. it hit me like a ton of bricks today. democrats resisting spending cuts. if you really want to know why paul ryan's budget will not advance much further than the house it was passed today, allow me to read the opening sentiments from the associated press were today. a familiar budget plan, the nuts and bolts programs of the government. it is cruising for passage in
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the tea party flavored house. wow, that is supposed to be a news piece. the law undreamt line of what was supposed to be a tax piece. it restores many of the cruel automatic spending cuts. all is missing is a line like thank god for the democrats. then it was also considered a cheese head. it starts out fair and factual enough. under the rhine plan, the government subsidizes it. the only famous unnamed critics who say all of this would mean
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ever shocking. he is heartless and soulless and probably the double in pinstripes. it is one thing when they say it was all but a sham. it is another thing for them to prove that it is an even bigger sham. they are darn near inbred watching politicians who continue to say that we don't have a spending problem. and one that is only trying slow down the growth of the spending. fair and balanced. try over and out. dick armey says that he is over the top of the house of representatives. i am not saying give republicans a pass.
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i am saying to treat them equally and with the same ferocity. and i do not. >> thing that is most frightening about what you just read is that this has become the norm. i want to thank you for bringing this up. even back in the days when i was still the majority leader, used to try to talk to the press about their responsibilities. democracy requires a competent and objective fair press. this is totally in the tank for bigger liberalism today. professionally competent members of the press who we adore and appreciate. the norm in this sector of our nation has become left-wing advocacy, just like president obama has a jedi mindset. and they can help themselves. [laughter]
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neil: that is an ap story. they are carried in every newspaper. so that becomes their official take. the tea party flavored house, they are the obstructionists. they resist war spending, the democrats insist on more spending. if you're going to penalize them, police say the other one is equally antagonistic. >> let's call upon the press to have a decent professional respect for your own profession. if you are an editor, discipline your reporters. there is such a thing as objective reporting.
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many don't have objective standards in the profession. and people to enforce it. they haven't done that. they are now the single most seriously failed institution of our democracy. if our democracy fails, the press has joined with the liberal big government left in their fear that the people might understand and depressed in my estimatton needs to go through a serious period of reappraisal. are we going to be a decent service of the nation's people in their own profession? or are we going to be a bunch of hacks for big government liberalism? neil: but one thing that pushes him to their senses is being shattered.
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every corner of our nation's airport, where we would all be eating horse meat. where there were going to be lunatics on the street because the government program to provide free drugs mentally ill patients was going to add things. and they say, wait a minute. we bought a line of you know what. >> first of all, you are so optimistic. >> you are right. [laughter] >> they have a purposeful position for big government. they will not be embarrassed when it doesn't happen. they will just move on. neil: that is true. >> they are devoted to big government. to be careful, my hero in the
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press in terms of a professionally able person dedicated to doing his profession properly is in and of himself a very liberal person. saying that i have respect for myself and i'm going to do this job right. we don't want lazy reporters, we want those to understand that i am an essential part of this nation's democracy. and i have a duty to myself and those who are my readers to tell the story correctly function correctly. if numbers are my head, maybe i shouldn't write stories that have numbers in them. neil: dick armey, thank you so much. my good friend and doctor doctor here. it takes two to tango. so if you going to argue that it takes two parties to tango, understand that one cannot be
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the tango. one cannot be the only reason why nothing is getting done if the other isn't fudging on what it wants to do. it takes two people to be stubborn. fair is fair. you have to look at the way this is covered. that piece i read to you from the associated press. they have gone ahead and told you that this is on the stupid republicans. in other stories, the national debt topping $2.3 trillion. even speaker boehner, paul ryan, they are saying that the debt is at least an immediate crisis.
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doctor, maybe you can make sense of reading their minds. but is there a method to denying this party that should be fairly obvious? >> that is something we do when something is painful. it is a way to protect ourselves. in some ways it is healthy. but if you're sticking your head in the sand and you're not dealing with issues that need to be dealt with, you can't avoid problems indefinitely. denial works to a certain point. we see it politically and culturally as well. neil: do you think that when leaders in the house and senate, particularly democrats that we are seeing right now, we don't have a spending problem. but maybe that is part of a strategy.
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we think that there are ways around cutting spending. >> so is that a manipulation? it is very different than denial. >> reinterpretation of what reality is. it is politically driven, a motive behind it. we know the democratic party, that is their identity. do we want to help people, we have programs that help people. we are going to make sure that we take care of everybody. so they admit that they have to cut on spending, they don't want to put themselves through this. neil: when you talk to them, you know the person is a jerk.
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then how do you help them? >> i have to tell you that i have a patient is with me for a period of time, i am very confrontational. >> are you a jerk? [laughter] >> i could say i know where people feel that way. i sometimes feel that way about your. >> on some level, they know that they need to hear things in order to change. hopefully if you are a smart therapist, you say it and they can take it in a way where they consider what they are saying. neil: but they try to get you to say, you both have issues on the table right now. so i always say that this budget reconciling, spending hikes,
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spending like crazy, democrats are compounding this right now. let's move on, let's get that passed. but i don't think we are even or. >> i would think that behind closed doors, they know that they contributed to the problem. they may not want to admit it, but when it looked they look in the mirror, they know that each party is contributing to this. that there is ambivalence in any choice that we make. neil: that people don't see themselves as fat, drunk people they don't see themselves as drunk -- >> are always people in denial. that is where the leader comes in. neil: but the leader is doing the same thing the amount that is only half the problem. they also can make decisions that work for the american people. neil: that is well put.
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maybe my director can tell you. the camera does say it. >> that is what i tell people. neil: when we come back, another bailout is coming. and you could blame the college kids for it. signs of the trillion dollar student loan bomb is about to blow up and you are going to foot the bill. then and oh, no, two oh, yes. i seriously doubt that any one of these guys would be complaining if they were stranded. stranded. >> they are on a mission. you just have to take it i'm telling you right now, the girl bacat home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm reallylad that girl stayed at home.
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neil: if they are so smart, something is going on that looks really dumb. and we are all in trouble. because students are paying more tuition in washington keeps
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giving them loans to cover the bigger tuition. universities are responding by cutting costs. universities are responding by cutting costs. graduates are paying more. what is worse? the government is asking for collectors to enter overdue loans. which means struggling borrowers won't be pressured. we have three guests. lindsay, this is a prescription for what? >> she expected to top $1 trillion this year. so as the government continues to hand out the easy money, students are taking advantage.
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we see the rise of 50%. students are strapping themselves with more debt than they did to seven years ago. on average, $27,000. many of these people are coming out of college but not finding jobs. they are unable to pay that back. that leaves the taxpayer on the hook for billions of dollars. neil: the colleges are going to feel emboldened to keep the loan spread the burden for the students is so out of control that there is a bomb. >> uganda, my friend. we are in the vicious cycle. everything going wrong at the same time. with costs going up, and inability to get jobs to pay for it. most importantly, the easy money. it is easy to get loans. the other factor that's going to happen really soon as the amount
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that you have to pay back. it's what you are starting to see is a lot of deferrals of these loans. that is building up as well. unfortunately, we build out banks and homeowners, we build out auto companies. it is wide open. >> do you see happening? >> what i think is happening here, we are in a vicious cycle. let's not blame the students. they have an effort to balance their budget and they are cutting aid to higher education. sometimes up to 75% cuts in one year. 75% of students attend public universities. that is where this is happening. what the government is attempting to do is slightly decreased the amount of money they are making off of these students, going from 16% to 11% in fees. they do want to ensure that
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students are paying back something every month. so that we are preventing the cycle of default which benefits everybody in this process. allowing students were not able to get a job. really predatory loans, interest rates that are higher, refinancing to pay off over time. >> i think one of the biggest problem is that we need to increase the qualifications for loans. we need to make it more academics we see students getting into the university system. not everyone benefits from a college education. neil: high school seniors, for example, breaking out. >> is if they are able to thrive in a college environment and their background. we have to make sure that we're putting those students through college.
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we don't want to force that. neil: zacatecas document elitist education system where someone is picking and choosing. >> society can't support every little thing. neil: what do you think of that? >> the problem is always going to be easy money. when you're giving away money or anything else, when it gets too easy and you see a lot of people not paying it back, you join that party. that is what is going on here. you have all of these policies out there that really hurt the job market. and that is where this comes around. then you get into the other part of the equation that everyone else has been bailed out. why not meet? neil: cash-strapped homeowners, banks. if you are up against the world, someone is going to be here to cover you. and people exhibit behavior and
8:23 pm
they were not deliberately paying their mortgages to qualify for federal rescue program. some graduates may be thinking the same thing? >> i don't know that there is that level with sophistication. >> many families and grandparents cosign these loans. not just the students. we need to have these predatory online shows kept in check. >> you have another failed system. they have to change the system. or is usual, we pay at all. the taxpayer is always held liable for all these failures. neil: we will see later in the show. in the meantime, taking the
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neil: have no fear of shady car dealerships. the company that takes pictures of your house is now going to help you get car quotes. on whether your information is safe in google's hands. >> i am a staunch defender of privacy. we all yearn for privacy. there are parts of the day and
8:28 pm
time. google can come in front of your house and take a picture of your house so it can be seen. but they cannot peer inside. on the other hand, if you're interested and you want to find it, what car dealer in your neighborhood has the exact car you want, google will find it for you. you have told other things as well. but you have voluntarily chosen to do so. as long as they tell you ahead of time, by using the service, they are going to haveea lot of information. neil: how is that different from other companies? when you rder a lot of computer stuff and vendors then know that you like computers to. >> the only thing that is different as is they are going after a fair amount of questions. which will reveal inadvertently other things about yourself and your tastes and your likely
8:29 pm
income. they have algorithms, so they could plug in -- let's say you type in and they would have a profiler. they are telling a lot about you and they will use that. supposedly to your benefit. compare that to the government. using drones to spy on people when we don't know that they are there. we do not on cheerily confessed information to them. and they pick it up anyway. we can sue the government for this only if we catch them. neil: in google enterprise, you have the option of being a participant or not. but with the joneses have no option? >> what this tells me is that
8:30 pm
the right to privacy is waning in our society. when the government violates the law that has sworn to uphold, let's respect the privacy. they justify its behavior. they are not going to connect with us for violating privacy because they violated. as a result of that, the right to privacy in general goes down. people have less of an expectation, and that has even more invasion. so will totally like 1984. whatever you do. neil: we will have a drone following you to the auto dealership lot. neil: and then another things about you. >> yes, they do. neil: that is scary stuff. thank you so much.
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paying for workers. nine dollars per hour minimum wage. we will have that update. and the belly dancers shaking of the cruise industry. the cougar beauty queen who is ready to become my coanchor
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neil: attention business owners. if minimum wage goes up and the workers don't measure up, you will be paying up. those companies will have to pony up. especially if it doesn't have a minimum. think about that. the double dip coming if this kind of thing is forced on him. he says it is a mass. running a business is tough. if they don't report enough in tip income, the government is effectively saying that you have to cough up the difference. >> that's right, i get penalized and to me, that is wrong. it's very hard for me to make a living. we have to make up the
8:35 pm
difference in case they don't get the tip money. the busboy, the food boy, the bar runner. they share the tips as well. the employee has to pay the difference. neil: up until now, you had a slow day, week, month, year. that was on you. but now they say, we don't care how slow it is. you have to cough up an average of what these guys deserve no matter how slow your business is like. compounding the slowness. neil: the other thing is 20% gratuity. that is the worst you can do. neil: i hate when they do that. >> that's right. they want.
8:36 pm
neil: what you think of this, john? >> this really affects the mom-and-pop businesses. your great big restaurants, they will not be as adversely affected and your small businesses and your mom and pops. this does not affect that many of the poor people, like it is being proposed that it is. only about 10 to 15% of people in low incomes rely on this minimum wage. the average family is making $40,000 a year. this is the wrong way to go about it if they are trying to help low-income workers. neil: what is weird if you think about it, it is not talking about extending the millionaires tax. so there won't be any immediate tax we from new york. it is also talking about oil cracking. so for a lot of folks looking for an economic reprieve, that's
8:37 pm
not what happened. it is almost like there is a concerted effort to push this right over the edge. >> they just don't want to stop. it doesn't make any sense for what they're doing. >> where will we get the refund. neil: in order to make these minimums, you have to fire people, right? >> the entry level, they don't get paid anything but minimum wage. but the kids that are 14 or 15, they won't have a chance to get a job. so they will stay home. that group of people won't get jobs. it also affects the people that work there. the kitchen people. so giving a 10% increase. they are going to say, where is my increase? neil: everybody wants a piece. when he say see this pattern of
8:38 pm
behavior that you employ nationally, what does that look like? >> they are not able to create jobs. higher workers you don't need, and lower income workers, just pay them more. to me, that is not really a jobs planner. it doesn't solve the problem of low income. the earned income credit would do more than raising the minimum wage. but to do this, it is not going to affect the people that you're trying to affect in any meaningful way. and where do they come up with $9? >> i don't think anyone would index this. neil: anyway wouldn't be giving them regardless. anyway, europe saying do not
8:39 pm
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neil: all right, this just in. mr. ed is here to stay. he will stay off your plate. congress is saying that they will not repeat the layoff of any inspectors. a report showing automatic cuts will have little to no impact on the economy. federal workers are fed up and protesting regardless. the general counsel for the largest federal employee union. david, what is the no pun intended to be? >> well, the sequestered has
8:42 pm
created an across-the-board cut in the federal budget, impacting all of our agencies and many agencies. that means cuts to the employees. we are seeing furlough days where people will be unpaid for their days off from 10 to 22 days off. that equates to a pay cut of something in the order of 20% for a lot of people. neil: how many people? >> hundreds of thousands of people. some agencies, the impact is especially severe because there isn't a lot of program money. so the border patrol, for example, the border patrol agents are seeing roughly a 50% cut. neil: so maybe we are spending too much with the were not enough in this case. for a program that is not being utilized? >> it is hard to argue with the border patrol. you know, and i think the viewer support shows this.
8:43 pm
neil: where are these people you are talking about being cut? >> the border patrol has agents and they are being cut in two ways. they are getting furlough days and they are getting administrative overtime. if you are chasing down some is trying to get across the border, you don't just pull over the truck and go home. you keep chasing the guy down. they are being cut. neil: do you find it odd that whatever the pain inflicted on the members, and i feel your concern -- we are talking about $85 billion in cuts. it really amounts to $44 billion in cuts over 10 years. i am trying to do the math backwards in my head. when you talk about hundreds of thousands of folks that could be affected. it would have to be considerably higher for dollar figures to justify what you are saying.
8:44 pm
>> i can't do math in my head either. but the numbers -- we have hundreds of thousands of employees across federal government that have seeing furlough days of 10 to 22 days each for the rest of this fiscal year. that amounts to a 20% cut. neil: what happens after the fiscal year? are those jobs reinstated? >> we go on to next years budget. and it's anybody's guess what that will be. neil: a lot of people have been saying is that you know very well because you are on the frontlines. the maybe government has gotten too big. if there's anyplace to cut, it has to be there. because over the course of the last decade or so, this has swelled enormously. >> the federal workforce is down compared to gdp. it is easy to say that in the abstract what you decide. but in reality, when it comes down to border patrol agents or
8:45 pm
corrections officers, -- neil: you are making some fiery examples. but a lot of this fear that was perpetrated, i'm not saying by you, but by inspectors and people on the frontlines dealing with illegals or whatever you want to call it. it is totally unjustified. there may be legitimate cuts elsewhere. that was blown out of proportion. >> i don't know about blown out of proportion. it is important and in an urgent situation when we see cuts this deep in agencies like the border patrol and all of these agencies. if they are not in charge of our security, they are in charge of important programs in other respects. and you can't just expect there to be no income tax.
8:46 pm
>> and offer me made by republicans was to give them much wider discretion over where we cut, how much we cut, and we turned down that option. >> the reality is you cannot cut your way to the balanced budget. neil: but he chooses what to cut. is that right? doesn't it seem odd to you that these are serious cuts as we are saying. he went ahead and chose that even though he was given the discretion of what to cut. >> the discretion you're talking about did not happen. that deal wasn't made. so the across-the-board cuts went into place with the sequestered. >> because long-term solution means increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans and
8:47 pm
bringing in new funding that will fund some of these essential programs at realistic levels. many have given $120 billion in cuts over the next 10 years as a result of the paper uses. neil: thank you so much. it is good to see you. well, you can just ask any credible passenger. they are here to help. i want you to meet the guy running them. >> younger men appreciate things and they have more eagerness to please all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
8:48 pm
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neil: let's face it. carnival cruises are not the in thing right now. ten more trips just canceled after some horrific voyages. my next guest says cougar crews are coming to the rescue. this is where younger men hook up with older cougar women. if you end up stuck at sea, there is still plenty to see, he says. he is along with this cougar gas. thank you for coming. >> thank you. neil: amy, i understand that you are like the bit cougar. is that right? >> well, i have the title ms. cougar international. neil: what does that mean? >> well, i went to the ms. cougar international week in makeup. several hundred people got to meet me. and then i was awarded the
8:52 pm
title. neil: how does this work? a bunch of single guys on a ship with cougars and away they go? am i missing something? >> it is just partying till you drop. neil: how long does the party last? >> it was only a three-day party. you can only party so much many might fall overboard. neil: everything is okay with the ships? you don't have any plumbing issues or anything like that? >> we have had no album on our cougar cruises. going to the beautiful bahamas. neil: what is in it for you? >> when i went in 2010, i went to have a good time. young men were free to express their preference for older women without any strange looks or prejudice or anything like that. it was really free.
8:53 pm
it was really refreshing. we had a great time. neil: i don't mean to be rude, but you don't strike me as that little woman. neil: i am 47 years old. neil: okay, so these younger men, how old are they? >> i guess usually between 25 years old in 35 years old. that is usually the type of men that i date. we have a gender and sexuality or evolution. many women are coming together in different ways at. neil: so you have these younger guys hitting on you, does that get creepy? >> creepy is an attitude than in an age. if a person is being respectful and compliment her, that would be fine. if he is a creeper, i will feel
8:54 pm
that whether these younger or older. neil: so what do you think? >> definitely, anybody goes overboard who causes trouble. neil: one of their 10 guys that are looking at the woman next to you. >> if it was amy, there would be 10 guys looking at her. we make sure that she gets taken care of. there is no problem. >> it is completely safe and comfortable. they feel honored to be around older women. that was my experience. >> what you like about that experience? >> i like them who are open and have integrity. there is a critical mass in the younger generation of men that have thoughts and feelings about the women that they day. they were raised by my generation, so we are more compatible.
8:55 pm
neil: slickly dating your son? >> i am dating people that are morr in line with my thinking. because this is evolving. neil: a lot of people say, what are these? sext cruises? >> i think it is just like being on a regular crews, except it better than meeting someone in about it. >> it's interesting when it is said that younger women big older women for sex. there is a word for that. it is called friendship. i don't know why he put the spotlight on younger men. i think the stereotype is that men and women are looking for sex any relationship. neil: we are out of time. thank you both so much. we will see how this goes.
8:56 pm
something going on for carnival cruises. aad fox business alert. we have some stunning news out of cyprus. the s&p 500 downgrading the market. on i think it could be a just hours away what's droid-smart ?
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and gary scott bomb and how
8:59 pm
did they do this? >> there's a lot of concern the e.u. cannot navigate around the financial crisis. but the fact they need a bailout besides 100 percent raises concerns grow but imports to meet the bailout requirement they threatened to move the emergency liquidity assistance. but the concern is the bay banks will closed doors and they will have to leave the eurocurrencies don't. the big concern it is a domino effect. >> that will push this simplistically then whats